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Virtual Reality (VR) technology brings you efficient and cost-effective psychophysics-based solutions. Using head-mounted

VR devices and virtual hand controllers, plant equipment is simulated inside industrial classrooms to train employees. Amaris 17 studios

is the prominent virtual reality company in India delivering effective virtual reality (VR) solutions to address your unique


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1. Virtual Reality Introduction (What is VR & How it will be helpful for Industrial Companies for training)

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-based progressive technology used to design a virtual environment. Virtual Reality creates a user inside a digital environment, unlike traditional user interfaces. Rather than displaying a screen in front of them, the user is submerged to interact with 3-Dimensional worlds. By forging as many senses as feasible, such as vision, hearing, touch, and even smell.

Sometimes the mistakes made by the trainees during the training period might be very costly that’s where virtual reality takes over and helps in reducing such severe mistakes. Virtualn reality enables the trainees in the industry to get practical experience during their training period without physically being on the field. It helps to respond to situations instinctively by following the preset commands. The technology saves so much time, money, and resources in training the new recruiters. Practicing more with virtual reality reduces the risk of accidents and helps to retain the knowledge gained much faster, which helps the trainee not to commit any major mistakes during the work course.

2. How is Virtual Reality (VR) used in enterprises today?

We don’t hesitate to state that the future of this business world is virtual. Every field in modern business is where virtual reality is used. Health Care industries, Retail Industries, Construction companies, Training Industries, Data Visualizing, and Manufacturing units are widely using virtual reality technology in their field for various purposes. With Virtual Reality, it i  much easier for companies to design and develop products more prominently and errors can be identified even before the product is manufactured. This saves lots of time, money, and resources for the company. Soon modern industries will use virtual reality to demonstrate their products to their customers in a more advanced and simplified way.

All the showrooms that are in operation now will be disappeared, and customers can get a detailed demonstration of the products through virtual reality technology being at the comfort of their homes. Virtual reality technology is being seen as the future of the globe, not only in the
business world.

VR Training

3. How does VR Helps trainers in training? (How it avoid Accidents, and in terms of retentions of the employee, in terms of 100% Accurate)

Virtual reality training can revolutionize the corporate world. We should understand and adjust to transforming working conditions from an increasingly remote-based workforce to the challenges encountered by the long-term impacts.

Virtual Reality provides employees the opportunity to acquire job training in a hazard-free condition. Retention of skills learned in VR is high, signifying it is better possible to be applied in the workplace and eventually direct to improved productivity.
Using Virtual Reality, the trainer can give the trainees an immersive experience allowing them to be in a virtual environment, making them practice N number of times until they are perfect,  without any risk. This will reduce the pressure and will enhance creativity. Through VR one can easily preview the product design or the task assigned even before it is made or done. Also, allow the trainees to learn quickly but perfectly

4. How can VR integrate into specific training modules? (steps to be involved in the integration of VR).

Workforce training has constantly been an area of complication because it can often demand the traveling of long distances, potential protection concerns, and complicated training procedures. However, Virtual Reality is being used to revolutionize employee training in modern industrial developments.

Every field of work and every department of an industry is influenced by Virtual Reality Technology. Each company is looking forward to implementing VR in their company for faster and better performances. Most of the top-notch companies across the globe are already using the technology to train their employees, design products, make the customers experience the future virtual world. Industries like Oil & Gas, Medical, Safety, Manufacturing

VR integrate

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