Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Solutions

Augmented reality overlays digital content and information onto the physical world — as if they’re actually there with you, in your own space. Using AR-Powered Tablets, plant equipment is simulated inside industrial classrooms to train employees. AR is used in a wide range of fields for various applications such as education, engineering, non-gaming, and military are just a few industries that employ it. We are one of the leading AR Companies in India offering augmented reality development apps for all the major industries.​

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How is Augmented Reality (AR) used in enterprises today?​

Industrial Augmented Reality (AR) technology allows you to present large sets of data at the right time in any location. AR technology assists in the whole product life-cycle from design and prototyping to quality control and inspection. Display complicated instructions in an understandable and easily accessible way and improve the operational process. Augmented reality (AR) expands reality by layering information over the objects in the real environment using depth sensing, computer vision, and object recognition. Enterprises need to collaborate with AR experts to develop tailor-made solutions that address their pain points.​

Benefits of Industrial Augmented Reality

Production process operations

Reducing the complexity of assembly tasks

Hands-free functioning with voice-controlled commands


Reduces time to train the workforce

Visualize and connect data

Reduces time to acquire new skills

Remote assistance​

Minimizing execution times

Avoiding human and machinery errors

Measure and analyze data

Reduces site inspection traveling costs

Reduced repair downtime

Improved field operations efficiency

Maintenance and repair​

Improving training process

Cost-effective workforce allocation

Conduct maintenance task with more speed and accuracy

Design and prototyping​

Endless possibilities for design and prototyping improvement

Multiple views of product prototypes reduction of mock-up costs

The problem we can solve​

The increasing complexity of machining and production and the amount of required product information is often challenging for industrial companies and their staff. With Amaris 17 Studios AR technology – industry staff in service, logistics, and maintenance can better perform their tasks with both hands-free and the complex information in front of their eyes.

Transform your workforce with Amaris 17 Studios and enhance safety, efficiency and resiliency.​